On December 10, the call for startups was opened to participate in the 2022 edition of Atelier by ISEM. After five years working at the service of FashTech (Fashion & Technology) innovation, the accelerator has slightly modified its conditions, adapting them to a changing sector by definition.

In this 2022 edition, Atelier by ISEM will once again select a group of startups whose products/ services want to enter the retail sector. These companies must be minimally incorporated and have at least a beta version of their product. All technology companies that want to participate must send their request before January 25, 2022, through the form that they will find on the web atelierbyisem.es. Fifteen days after the closing of the call, the selected startups will be communicated.

On March, 2, 2022, the Fashion Innovation Day by Atelier 2022 will take place, in which the selected startups will present their projects to the innovation teams of the main fashion brands in Spain, advocates of Atelier by ISEM. The day will also include other interesting meetings, both for startups and advocates and a mention for the most innovative startup of the 2022 edition.

In this way, Atelier redefines its role to become the Spanish fashtech innovation forum. The Fashion Innovation Day will be its star event, which will coexist with other meetings throughout each academic year. In all of them, startups and advocates of this edition as well as those of previous years, who want to continue in contact with the Atelier by ISEM ecosystem, will be able to participate.

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